12 months of focused planning for your business –
in just one day.

Do any of these sound familiar?

You’re crazy busy… but feel like you're not getting anything done.

You feel as if you're busy, busy, busy, but you don't have much to show for it. You're not getting any closer to what you really want to be making.

You put everyone else’s work before your own.

So much of your energy goes into making someone else’s business or life better that you feel as if you have no time left to grow your own business.

You feel like a prisoner of your own making.

We all think we want freedom to work the way we want, when we want – but if you’re spinning your wheels and working non-stop, how free do you really feel?

You crave more structure but don’t know where to begin.

You need to figure out how to make this work for yourself… but you know it's important that you do it on your terms.


Let’s take some of the anxiety and guesswork out of what it really takes to run a small business.

There is no formula or blueprint for success, but there are a few tried-and-true tactics that will keep you you focused and moving forward

We’ve packaged them up for you in the CEO Day Kit

Take control of your work and life – in just one day.

During your CEO Day, you will set goals, make important decisions, create boundaries, and outline a plan that will direct the next year of your business. Plus…

Gain clarity

Gain clarity around where you’ve been and where you are currently at in your business, so you can always know where you’re headed next, which will be in the direction of your goals.

Find focus

By giving yourself dedicated space to work on your business and tools to help you focus, you’ll never question what to work on next, saving you time and helping get to where you really want to go in your business.

Get momentum

Kickstart what’s next for your business by taking just one day to get clear. This dedicated action will get your wheels a-turning, making taking the next actions easier than ever.

Prioritize your time

We know bosses need help making the most of their time, and we're here to help you serve your goals and creativity first, so that you can prioritize doing work that's impactful and fulfilling, with plenty of time to live your life.

Make better decisions

Because a boss knows how to make decisions, move forward, and adjust to the outcome, without second-guessing whether you’re doing the right thing.

Become more self-reliant

You must trust that you can do the work to make it happen. You can build the structure of your life and business the way you want, and work towards it everyday in a way that feels good to you. You are all you need to make it do.


This is not an educational course.

This isn’t about learning more stuff. It’s about organizing what you’ve already got and making a plan. In just one day.

This is about your business.

This is a framework to help you build out goals, plans, and action steps on your terms for your business, no matter what you do or where you're at in your journey.

STEP 1: Money Mojo

You'll begin by examining your money attitudes and stories, and by setting a money goal. Because this is business – you're here to make money with the impact you want to make!

STEP 2: Change Cycle

Since entrepreneurship is all in the journey, you'll redefine how you look at getting from point A to point B, and identify where you’re at so you know what’s around the bend.

STEP 3: Values + Intentions

Determine how to align the way you run your business with who you are and what you value, so the work you do always feels good. You'll also discover how to stay motivated by using intentions to explore and grow as a business owner and super boss human.

STEP 4: Crafting Your Dream Job

You’d be surprised how revisiting your job title, roles, and duties can create big shifts for your business vision and daily actions, and in this step you'll lay it all out, so you can identify your worth and see where you may need help.

STEP 5: Business Model

Get clear on what you offer and how you sell what you do, so that you can efficiently attract, engage, and sell what you offer to your dream customers.

STEP 6: Know Your Numbers

A boss has a clear picture on their income, expenses, and profit, and in this step you will lay it all out, get comfortable with the numbers that make your business run, and discover how to use those numbers to make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

STEP 7: Revenue + Marketing

Your money flow is directly tied to your marketing efforts. In this step, we combine the two to get a clear picture on the actions you need to take to create the business, offerings, and revenue you desire, month after month.

Each step includes:

An instructional video

Each step includes a brief instructional video to clarify why these philosophies and tactics are important for the success of your business and how to put them into action during your CEO Day. Plus you'll get an intro and closing video to help you make the most of CEO Day for your business.

A guiding worksheet

Each step includes at least one worksheet (some include two!) to guide you through the step, and to allow you to get your plans on paper - use them in the moment to move forward, and keep them to review later as proof of your growth!

Plus, access the Boss Community on Slack

Because Being Boss is being in it together! Get access to the exclusive CEO Day Boss Community on Slack to discuss, share, and celebrate with like-minded creatives who are strutting their stuff in their CEO hat, too.




Your CEO Day Kit includes a framework of tools and tactics that will guide you through big-picture planning and structuring your business goals into an action plan.

7 steps
From setting values to crunching numbers—these steps are ones you can count on annually to get more clarity, focus, and momentum in your business

9 videos
Each step includes a brief video to clarify why these philosophies and tactics are important for the success of your business (plus an intro and closing video)

10 worksheets
Each step includes at least one worksheet so you can get your plans on paper

Boss Community on Slack
Get access to our exclusive, private CEO Day Boss Community on Slack to connect with like-minded creatives

You are the boss of your own business. Period.

So if you're struggling to make time to build the job and business of your dreams, it's time for you to take action.

Emily and Kathleen here, from Being Boss, and you can trust that we know a thing or two about Getting It All Done.
- We each have families.
- We each live thriving and full lives.
- And we each run profitable businesses, as well as the business we run together.

So when we say that you can get it all done, and plan for your future in the process, we hope you'll take our word for it, and let us help you make it do.

So, what is a CEO Day?

A CEO Day is a day where you take off all the hats that you wear as a small business owner except for one, your CEO hat. You shut down your inbox (take off your Customer Service hat), close your social media (take off your Marketer hat), and put down your tools (take off your Creative/Technician/Service Provider hat), and you look at your business.

You set goals, make plans, and plot action. You focus on where your business has been, where it is now, and what you need to do next to continue building the business you're here to build.

When you're done, you take the rest of the day off. Because you're the boss.

Why have we created this kit?

Because we want to help you make time for your business. Not a ton; just enough. We're here to give you the permission (as if you need it), the structure, and the tools to set aside time for what matters: the business you're trying to build, the one that's paying your bills and fulfilling your passion.

Because we want to help you take the right steps. It's not about getting fancy, doing anything complicated, or even spending a lot of money. It's just about diving into your business and taking discerning action.

Because we know this works. Because we've been doing this for years. These are the exact same steps that we take in our own businesses every single year to reflect, settle in, and plan for the year ahead. And some of these tools show up in our business even more frequently than that. The point is: you're getting exactly what we do and use. Because we want you to find success, too.

Here's how to host your own CEO Day:

FIRST: Mark off a day on your calendar. No meetings, no tasks; nothing.

SECOND: Prepare your materials. Scroll down to purchase our CEO Day Kit. We'll let you know what you need to prepare!

THIRD: Show up and do the work.

FOURTH: Take the rest of the day off. A CEO perk!

“Marketing and Revenue was great! It really lays out exactly what you need to do to reach your goals, and also shows that sometimes you will be creating, other times executing, and other time hustlin like a MOFO!”

- Tracey Gobey, CEO of The Bootstrap Assembly

"Crafting Your Dream Job helped me organize all the roles and duties in my business so I have a clearer picture of where my time goes and where I need help."

- Bridget, CEO of Money After Graduation

"[Business Model] helped me segment out my offerings in a way that made sense, gave me a direction on how to divide my energies and what to delegate. It also gave me some ideas on what other things I could offer."

- Irene, CEO of Chix Creative

Your Instructor

Kathleen Shannon + Emily Thompson
Kathleen Shannon + Emily Thompson

Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon are the creators behind the Being Boss podcast and authors of Being Boss: Take Control of Your Work and Live Life on Your Terms. Together they’ve packaged up the very tools and tactics they use in their own “CEO Days” for their branding agency, digital strategy businesses, and multi-media company so you can be the boss of your own business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do the CEO day anytime?
Yes! We recommend you go through all 7 steps at least once a year, but these are tools we’ve come to rely on quarterly, monthly, or anytime our business needs a little more clarity.
Do I need to go through all the steps in order?
The sequence we present is the one we go through, but you’re the boss of your business, and you can do what you want, when you want. (But we really do recommend you go through each step in order to get the most out of your CEO day.)
Is this a good fit for me?
Whether you’re only working part-time on your creative career or have been in business for a while, the CEO Day Kit is for anyone who needs structure around mapping out their business plans on their terms.
How long does it take?
We recommend taking a full day for your CEO day … but sometimes we’ll give ourselves a long weekend retreat to really focus on the exercises we present here.

Get started now!